Prom Dress Alterations

Prom Dress Alterations in the Greensboro, NC  Area!

Custom Prom Dresses

If you’ve been searching for weeks for a beautiful dress to wear to prom but have had no luck, there’s only one solution for you. At Elizabeth's Alterations, we specialize in custom creations! 

Our staff knows how easy it is to find a dress that is almost perfect, save for a few changes. Perhaps you don’t like how the dress fits in the shoulders, or you want to change how the waistline falls on your figure. Or maybe you need to hem the skirt a bit so you don’t trip over it while dancing with your date. Whatever the case may be, the seasoned seamstresses at Elizabeth's Alterations can help you get the beautiful and gorgeous dress of your dreams.

We’ll help you say yes to the prom dress!

Prom Dresses Greensboro, NC

Custom Formal  Wear Alterations Especially For You

Finding perfect prom dresses can be nearly impossible. So, if you’ve found the dress but it doesn’t fit properly, come to us for formal wear alterations. Custom formal dresses will fit you like no other, so your dress will be shaped to your every curve and shape to give you the perfect fit. 

Getting evening gown alterations is an easy process when you come to Elizabeth's Alterations. We’ll take your measurements, assess the dress, and determine the clothing alterations that need to be made. Our tailor will ensure your dress is perfect once we’re finished with it! Call now for custom prom dresses in Greensboro, NC!
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