St John or Knit Fabric

St. John is an American luxury house. The brand’s simple beginnings started with a fascinating coming together of craft and couture based on the premise of a simple, yet elegant knit dress. The basis for the collection remains the same today as it did from the very start in 1962 — effortless, alluring and refined clothing that appeals to women all over the world. Unique American Design with a core in signature innovative knits and an undisputed reputation for luxury and quality, are some of the things that makes this brand great. 

clothing alterations Greensboro, NC

If you have a nice selection of St. John knit clothing or dresses then you know the quality knit fabric always used by St. John's is around for ages. You never have to replace your clothes. However, down the road St. John alterations will be needed.  Perhaps you had a minor tear in your St. John's dress or lost extra pounds and want better curves.  Bring all your St. John knit clothing to Elizabeth's Alterations and make it look like the first time you stepped out in this designer clothing.

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